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4 Ways To Spur Your Creativity & Jump-Start A New Mindset

Some of those who aren’t artists of any fashion, think creativity just occurs as your sit down and turns on and off like a tap. For those of us who create, we know the truth is much different! The truth is we get flickers of ideas when we least expect it, but our creative engine needs recharging!

If you’re feeling rusty when it comes to creativity and new ideas then try some of my top four tips to spur your creativity! 

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How to Establish a Mood For Your Paintings

Some of the most popular paintings that sell well are rustic buildings with flowers, pet portraits and landscape paintings. But there’s more to making art that sells beyond subject matter. That includes establishing a certain mood in a landscape painting or other scene to increase the emotive appeal for all viewers, regardless of who they are or what genres they might be drawn to at first glance.

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