4 Ways To Spur Your Creativity & Jump-Start A New Mindset

Some of those who aren’t artists of any fashion, think creativity just occurs as your sit down and turns on and off like a tap. For those of us who create, we know the truth is much different! The truth is we get flickers of ideas when we least expect it, but our creative engine needs recharging!

If you’re feeling rusty when it comes to creativity and new ideas then try some of my top four tips to spur your creativity! 


1. Switch It Up! 
We all have a dominant hand and regular way of doing things, and that’s normal but sometimes we need to switch it up! Now of course, maybe you don’t try to cut vegetables with your non-dominant hand, but try to spend 15 minutes, or more, sketching, painting or drawing with your non-dominant hand. How is this going to help? Using your non-dominant hand makes you more likely to focus on every little detail and flick of the wrist. This will let you see shapes, forms and your crafts in new ways! After trying this switch, you won’t take anything for granted! So embrace the possibility of Bob Ross’ happy accidents, and get ready to see something remarkable!

2. Don’t Watch the Clock!
Time is one of the most valuable and fleeting things we all have. It’s also one enemy of the leading sources of creative stress! Sometimes, feeling a bit of pressure is a good thing, but watching the clock as you create can do more than good and often makes you feel unnecessarily rushed! Even if you are on a deadline, you can consider setting a timer but let that liberate you from feeling you need to constantly check your phone or the clock! The best way to help yourself is to truly immerse yourself in the creative process, whether that’s 15 minutes or hours of the day.

3. 3rd Times the Charm
This saying is absolutely correct when it comes to the artistic process, but not for the reason you may think! Take an idea or object you want to capture and sketch it three different ways! Want to sample different color concepts? Try three different hues out and start to paint a still life only after positioning, and repositioning, the objects differently! This will let you capture unique shadows and shades you may have overlooked on your first assessment. So keep pushing your vision and nearly every occasion will show you a new insight that you wouldn’t have expected to see.

4. Mix Your Media
Like a scientist, the more you experiment, the more paths will open up for you! How does this work with art? Try using mixed media, even if it’s just a sample! If you aren’t sure where to start, start with paper. Collaged paper and paint go great together! Try to cut out words to include if you want to give your piece a flair of Pop Art style. Want to use mixed media, but looking for something more subtle? You can do tone on tone mixtures and incorporate a lot of different texture. Sometimes the best way is to use what you have available and see what happens! By not keeping your creative outlets siloed, you can teach yourself something new! 

How do you find ways to mix-up your creative process and re-inspire yourself?