7 Summer Interior Design Trends To Consider

Summer is finally here, and it’s bringing some different interior design trends that I’m excited to share with you all to consider! Whether you want minimalist designs, boho interiors or bold colors, there’s something for everyone.

1. Beautiful Blues

Indigo and turquoise are two fantastic colors to consider incorporating this season, but the love for blue doesn’t have to stop with those two colors! Playing with different shades of blue in one space provides a crisp and refreshing take on adding an accent color. So why stick with just one shade of blue when you can have them all?

2. Minimalist Design

Go white all over in the striking and bold, yet simplistic and calming minimalist design frenzy. It is a fad that has lasted and will continue to endure the test of time. Choosing to cloak a room in all white does not equate to it being boring anymore. White walls, floors, or decor can bring in a bright and cheery feeling because of the way they reflect light throughout a space. This could be especially helpful in small areas of the house, and its magnitude is felt in really large areas that incorporate a lot of white decor.

3. Bold & Bright Colors In Small Increments

Minimalism doesn’t always mean “all white,” even though all white room are the minimalist fad that is seen all over social media. What isn’t seen as much is colorful minimalism. That’s right – color and minimalism can coexist. “Ice Cream colors” are very popular, as well as subtle pops of an extremely bright color. The contrast of a mostly simplistic space with one element bright and bold feature make the colorful decor even more special because it has a chance to really shine.

4. Boho is Back

Like any good style that finds its way back into the hearts of the people, boho interior design elements are on trend again. Modern boho is characterized by leather furniture, lots of plants, vintage rugs, wooden chairs and tables, eclectic accents, and bright, warm colors. Boho brings the perfect vibes to make your home feel like summer. Interested in how to begin mixing boho design trends into your home? Read my latest tips and tricks on boho home décor!

5. Muted & Neutral Colors

In contrast to the bursts of color and all white rooms, neutrals and muted tones are on the rise again. The neutral tones make it easy to change out features of your decor each season, or even with your different moods. You can coordinate almost any color with a neutral palette, and it will surely look good! You can also leave your room entirely neutral, and the decor will still be amazing.

If color is your thing, but you don’t want to add permanent or accents of bright colors into your space, muted colors are a great variation for you. Muted colors are more neutral because of how they tend to not stick out amongst whites, black, tans, and grays surrounding them. It doesn’t make them any less beautiful, though, and muted toned decor can still be a great focal point.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
— —Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French writer and poet

6. Natural Elements

If you don’t have a green thumb, summer is the perfect time to try your hand at it. Bringing nature into your home by keeping plants inside is an interior design trend that has caught on and been around for a while now, yet it is still growing in popularity. All plants require some type of maintenance, but there are plenty that require only a little, like succulents and air plants. Plants and unobstructed views outdoors are simple ways to add a natural element to your decor and keep you up to date with the current interior design trends that will be around for a while. Want to know more about how and why to incorporate plants into your home? Read my latest blog!

7. Precious Metals

Does gold ever really go out of style? Sometimes we overindulge in it, and at other times, a little gold goes a long way. It just so happens to be back in style now! Not only are precious metals like gold trending, but bronze is also making a comeback. The current trend is subtle hints of these metals in classic accent form. Mirrors, lighting fixtures, handle, knobs, and even decorative pieces in gold and bronze are the perfect accessories to any room this season and beyond. These gold decorating tips and ideas and other summer trends are sure to spark some creativity for you!


Your choices are so varied when it comes to being on trend this year. Whether you want a dash of extreme color to reflect the usual tones of summer, or softer colors that will last throughout the seasons, you are safe with these options. So what will it be? Boho vibes with leather and tropical colors, or a muted and neutral palette with a few bronze accents? If you still can’t decide, I’m here to help as well. Contact me for a consultation today!