Set Your Springtime Painter’s Resolution

This winter has seemed particularly long, and shockingly cold! So if you’re like me and looking to set the tone for spring, let’s make some creative resolutions!

Quality, Not Quantity
I want to spend more time planning and assessing my compositions before picking up a brush. I want to sketch an idea, play with color options, and really enjoy the process. I was especially inspired to do this after studying various painters and seeing how often they created painting sketch upon painting sketch to figure out what moments they wanted to “keep” in a painting and those that he wanted to leave out.

Be Smart with Compositions!
This spring, I’m taking on trying to get savvy with my compositions. As a viewer, I am incredibly drawn to paintings that have striking compositions or arrangements of elements that surprise me.

This doesn’t mean I want to complicate my compositions, but instead I want to get the most out of them! The more thoughtful the choices we make at this stage, the better our paintings can be. And for me that means bringing out the sketchbook and trying to see what works as well as spending time working with elements from life and really moving them around so I can see if I can stumble onto anything interesting!

Explore New Colors
In my personal style, there is color everywhere, but I want to layer on more complex colors when it comes to painting. So I’m resolving to embrace the color I love so much!

I don’t want to necessarily incorporate more color just for the sake of doing so, but I want to truly utilize the colors I have. That means seeing how altering values and taking more care with color mixing experimentation early in my process. Really I think spending time mixing colors and making notes of how and what I like, and don’t, can help me achieve my goal!

Don’t Play The Critic
We’re all guilty of it in so many aspects of life. While we need to be honest with ourselves, the best painting results often come when we aren’t chasing perfection. This spring I’m going to create work that is thoughtful and well-executed, but I also want to spend more time in the moment, responding immediately to what I see and assessing a painting as it progresses and not chasing some idea of perfection.

Your turn!

What are some of your art resolutions for this year? I’d love to hear them, along with any advice on how you think I can reach my own.