5 Must-Knows About Decorating With Plants

Adorning a space with live plants is a trend that’s back on the rise, and I couldn’t be happier about it! From enhancing air quality to creating a warm, welcoming vibe, plants are amazing, often overlooked, décor that you can really revel in, interact with and literally watch as they grow to enhance your space!

But before you run out to your local nursery and order your favorite seedlings online, I’ve curated my five must-know facts about decorating your space with plants, so you can truly design your own jungle that speaks to your personality.

1. They Do More Than Look Nice
We all know that plants help us breathe better, but they do even more than that! Spaces with live plants have been proven to improve productivity and overall happiness. Plants help you stay healthy by purifying your air, increasing your home’s humidity, and lowering the amount of certain unwanted chemicals in the air. They can also sharpen your focus, help you heal, and fight anxiety! Of course, one house plant is no replacement for doctor-prescribed medication, but why not decorate your home with an insurance-proof mood booster? Along with that, a house with plants appears more loved and lived-in, helping you create a deeper connection to your sense of personal space!

2. Plants Can Be Hard-Working Décor
The truth is, plants are an awesome addition to any room, no matter what. Though there are strategic ways that professional stagers and decorators use them, and the best part is, you can, too! Plants are a great way to add height if your couch is low, to change the shape of an overly-angular room with a soft round shape, and of course, create a natural pop of color that doesn’t compete with your room’s palette! That’s three design benefits, alongside the health benefits, that can change your home’s appearance and feeling! Using plants as décor can jazz up an empty shelf, enrich a corner vignette, and adorn the tops of dressers and cabinets that can’t be accessed for daily storage. Adopting a new plant because you love it may also give you an unlikely solution to your hard-to-solve décor problems!

“There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments”

3. Don’t Force Yourself to Stick to Typical Surfaces!
Thanks to the digital age, we’re in the golden age for plant-collecting purchases! From local nurseries and farmers markets to online vendors, there’s no reason you must have five of the same plants on different tables. Plants really belong on the floor, on your shelves, hanging from the ceiling or in wall-mounted planters with a gallery! By staggering the heights of plants and varying their location you can make their presence in your home look upscale and deliberate. Want to diversify their appearance even more? Try elevating your favorite planters on a bench, bar cart or macramé hangers! Most importantly, don’t skip a single room! The bathroom is just as great of a place for a plant as your living room window!

4. Welcome Color Schemes That Go Beyond Green
You don’t need to solely rely on abstract art or cut flowers to provide a pop of color in your home. The right houseplants can bloom in every hue of the rainbow! From blooming succulents to waxy purple potted plants, you can plan out seasonal colorful blossoms. Along with this, stylized planters are a great way to highlight, or complement your own style. Whether you’re into gilded golds, natural stone, or a blend of everything from yellow and purple to red and teal, there are tons of ways to show off your style! Don’t know where to start? Consider starting with succulents, velvet plants, aloe vera or just find your local nursery and bring home your favorites!

5. It’s Not Fake, It’s Faux!
Don’t have time to get to your local nursery? Don’t worry! You can always find non-living plants that will bloom year-round, even if you live somewhere without any sun, and only water them with the occasional spilled drink. That’s right, plants don’t have to be alive to add a little something to your space! When decorating hard-to-reach places, or accommodating for your busy lifestyle, artificial can often mean longer-lasting, as well as always-flawless plants. Whether you’re into cacti or calla lilies. There’s something for every type of space you’re sprucing up!

What are your favorite ways to incorporate plants into your aesthetic? Have a favorite plant that you think everyone must have? Share them with me!

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