3 Tips for Creating and Hanging a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls. Those two words can be enough to invoke dread in the average interior designer and artist. Hanging one frame can be a hassle, let alone multiple art pieces meant to mesh together and complement or define a room. It’s not easy to handle creating a perfectly-spaced, perfectly-curated collection, let alone getting it up on the wall the exact way you want!

Barring hiring a professional, it’ll take a little intuition and some trial and error. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! As an artist and designer, I’ve collected my quick tips that will help you create your ideal gallery wall!

  1. Pick Your Winner

    The ideal wall is a blank canvas that will make your gallery stand out. It’s hard to decide where to start hanging your masterpieces, so I always suggest walking through your house and trying to imagine the potential. Look for a wall that already draws the eye when you enter a room or your home. Naturally, It can be helpful to anchor your gallery above an existing piece of furniture like your sofa or bed— so consider the wall in your living room, bedroom, and in-home studio or office! Wherever there’s a wall that naturally draws attention when entertaining guests or entering a room, you may in fact be looking at your perfect canvas!

  2. Entertain Extra Accents
    When you install a gallery wall, your home really does become a personalized gallery! That means you need to pull the aesthetic of your art into the rest of your space! The perfect accent piece can grab a color in one of your prints and bring it out in all dimensions. It could be that fuchsia a pillow adorning the couch your prints hang above, or maybe it’s a plant in a vibrant vase, enhancing your botanical prints and matching the frames color! You could even add some décor pieces to the wall like hanging a textile weaving, Southwestern steer head, or installed living plants on the same wall to create a truly unique composition and visual experience!

  3. Sometimes, Go for The Big Leagues
    Why would you go through all the trouble to plan and install a gallery wall if the end result didn’t register or enhance your space? Of course, small pieces have their place in a gallery wall, as varying sizes can add immense visual intrigue, but embracing bigger sizes will also help ensure that your gallery gets the attention it deserves! If you’re creating your gallery on a particularly large wall, pieces will naturally look smaller and stand out less the smaller they are. Conversely, in small spaces a large statement piece will substantially stand out. So, don’t rule out and shy away from a gigantic gallery wall! Instead embrace it and consider all the ways you meld appropriate sizes, diversity and color to create a personal experience you and your guest will adore!

Do you have particular tips and tricks you use when decorating your space with art? Share them with me!

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