6 Tips to Spring Into Springtime Art

The cool fresh feeling of spring is on its way, and just like the shift in seasons changes moods, it’s equally inspiring to breathe in the season and let it change your creative process for the coming months. So I’ve selected by top six tips for your to step in spring with style and revitalize your mind and canvas!

  1. Don’t Paint Blue Skies!
    Pure blue skies rarely exist! The thing is landscape painting will enhance your skills as a colorist and help you realize that the sky, along with many elements in nature, is made up of a variety of colors and not just one pure hue. So, infuse that colorful medley of the world and liven up your landscapes with the colors of the life!

  2. Bring Your Studio Outdoors
    The thrill of working in the rush of natural air is that you can shake up your routine and work differently than you usually do! Use this change in location to try new techniques, like working on a smaller scale or focusing on light and other qualities of nature. Don’t want to venture too far? Then compromise and do an outdoor session very close to home, like in your own yard!

  3. Flow with The Air
    This is real life, air moves objects. It ripples water, curls leaves and sways limbs of trees. Use brushstrokes and shading to create movement in your work that captivates the viewer!

  4. Perfection Isn’t Everything
    The truth is, you can spend all day looking for a “perfect” composition that doesn’t exist. Embrace the reality around you. Sometimes there’s smog, occasionally there are power lines, and maybe even debris. You don’t always have to ignore the world around you and try to open yourself up to telling interesting stories with new subjects!

  5. Colors Contribute to a Sense of Space
    When creating her landscape paintings, consider adjusting your palette in order to accurately render natural changes and a sense of space. For example, try using more red, orange and yellow running through objects in the foreground, and blue, indigo and violet for shapes that recede in the distance!

  6. Strike a Balance
    You need to spend as much time observing as you do painting! This is a crucial part of our spring time outdoor studio practice. For soaking in spring, nothing can take the place of direct observation, of being there, seeing, and expressing the spirit of your subject, but you need to balance it out with just as much painting!

Do you have favorite tricks to spur your creativity with the new season? Share them with our community!

Sandra Kay SmithComment