Sandra Kay’s 4 Tips To Selecting Your Style

It’s easily one of the hardest things we’ve all experienced as both men and women—selecting your own personal style. It’s daunting, confusing and somehow you’re never really quite sure on the final result. Selecting your personal style for your home, clothing, and if you’re a creator, for your art can easily be a challenging and mentally draining task, but it doesn’t have to be!

So what’s your solution Sandra? It’s simple—don’t take it too serious, have fun, experiment and be open to learning something new about yourself and your style!


Okay, that sounds nice and like perfect advice, but how does that look in practice? It starts with things as simple as going to a different store, trying on more flamboyant, conservative, eclectic or monochromatic clothes! While it may not seem like a large move, just stepping out of your own comfort zone with different looks, styles and colors will inspire your imagination to get a better view of yourself in ways that you may not have originally considered. Maybe that bright green dress actually does capture your spirit as much as it did your eye, or perhaps the deep mauve purple cardigan you saw is actually true to your spirit. The trick is experimenting and finding what is really you in ways that you hadn’t imagined.

Admittedly though, sometimes going out and experimenting can be daunting unto itself. So what are we to do?

I have a simple 4-step checklist that you can do to help you narrow down the many options and try to pinpoint your interest and really hone in on your own style!


1. Uniquely You: There is no one as good at being you than you, so take pride in it! Write down all of your unique interest, tastes, desires, maybe a “dream decade” where you love the clothing, architecture, music and all other aspects of another time.

2. Who Is Your Dream You?: Okay, it sounds like a weird question but really ask yourself, who do you want to be? Who did you always dream of being? What’s important here is to not feel discouraged in where you have to go, but encouraged by being able to envision the ideal you replete with your dream career, home and a style so unique to you that your presence calms and commands a room with no effort.

3. Pick Out Your Dream You’s Wardrobe: It’s not enough to just know what your dream you is like, you have to fully release yourself to visualize how your ideal you would dress and decorate their space! Are they fans of monochromatic color schemes with pops of loud color? Do they like regularly loud outfits and decor for their home and art studio? There is no one right answer! The clothes, space, and decor that really speak to your soul and imagination is what the true you wants and should be let free to shine!

4. Assess What You Have: Finding your personal style doesn’t have to be expensive! More often than not, you’ll notice that you’ve subtly been adding pieces that are true to you and fit your true personality! So take stock of what you have, what you like, and what you dislike, and make a list of what would really spark your wardrobe, studio space, home office, imagination and confidence. Have that list ready? Then save it for your next outing and start decorating the wardrobe, space and life you’ve dreamed of!

Have any questions or suggestions on decorating your own space? Leave me a comment or send me an email and let’s talk!