4 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Art For Your Home

It’s a natural question we all go through while creating and decorating our places—where do you put the art? What kind of pieces should you look for?

As an artist with extensive experience as a professional interior designer, I’ve ran into this dilemma more than once, but guess what, we can handle it! Stop worrying about making mistakes, sit down and let’s chat about the perfect tips to picking out your home’s décor!

First thing’s first, artwork helps define a homeowners personality, the space and more often than not it ties the whole room, home and emotive feel together! Along with the whole vibe and aesthetic appeal, art is always an investment that can grow over time and adds more than just a fiscal value to your home.

1. Curating The Kitchen: Here’s the thing, the kitchen is easily one of the most used and frequently forgotten homes when it comes to decorating. With so much time spent in the heart of the home, it absolutely needs décor. So where do we begin? Utilize that counter space and the areas above the cabinets! To make sure you don’t overwhelm the space, use pieces like small prints to complement the space!

2. Beautifying Your Bedroom: Your bedroom is your safe space, your refuge for relaxation, and the art in your space should reflect that! When decorating your bedroom, the best spaces are directly over the bed or across and opposite the bed. Hang your large pieces at eye level, and keep your eye out for abstract pieces with soothing colors and tones. If you’re interested in photography, be sure to choose landscape or desaturated photos to keep the calm feeling in your room.


3. Enhancing The Office: Ah yes, your work space. Your area for full creativity, productivity and the center of your personal industry. Now whether you work at home or at off-site office, art is the perfect way to personalize your workspace and make your walls a constant source of inspiration! But what to pick? While taste can vary, it’s always smart to make a moodboard that really speaks to you! Find artwork that speaks to you with positive imagery, motivational content that really pulls out the best in you to start and end your day in a good place. Use large pieces and small pieces, make a mixed collection that adds a dynamic presentation of your workspace!

A simple line painted with the brush can lead to freedom and happiness.
— Joan Miro

4. Balancing Your Bathroom: Now if the kitchen is under utilized, the bathroom is without a doubt neglected in home décor. Now the artwork you should go with should be well planned and closely match the vibe that the room calls for. If one of your bathrooms is more a powder room, try to go with tones and pieces that are bright, fun and breathe new life into the bathroom! If you’re decorating a master bathroom, go with more serene and calming pieces that enhance the overall mood of relaxation for you and your guests who’ll be using the room. What’s important to remember is that bathroom pieces work best in pairs. These can be similar pieces or abstract pieces with unorthodox presentation. Prime placement for these pieces would be over the bathtub, over the towel rack or the commode.

Have any art tips you want to share or questions about decorating your home? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!