Before & After With Sandra Kay Studio

This adorable kitchen sitting area got a fresh palette of color for the summer.
Over the past few weeks my team and I quickly jumped on the opportunity to spruce up our client’s space. 

I mean, who doesn’t love a before and after transformation?

We helped them build their home from the ground up 4 years ago, and we've loved working with them for touch-ups here and there.

This time, they simply wanted to bring in a new favorite accent color “green” which has been called anything from: sweet pea to four leaf clover to Pistachio.

We wanted it to blend with the rest of the house and love the idea of bringing the outdoors in; using color sparingly so it would not take over as the dominant color. And of course fabric is a great way to do this by making new pillows and reupholstering!





I had THE best time shopping with my client at the Decorative Center in Houston selecting fabrics. Connecting with people wonderful art and design pieces is easily one of my favorite things about my work!

As always, thanks to my great fabric vendors Duralee, Fabricut, Ken Kehoe & Co., Kravet, and Schumacher, as well as the work rooms Heines and Joseph Company. Because of our partnership with these amazing companies, we were able to get the job done quickly.

And, thankfully, my client was able to find a rug they adored from Pottery Barn.

Check back soon for another spruce up of the same house where we made simple color changes in the same way to tie it all together.


-Sandra Kay