With it being the Fourth of July, I could not let the day pass without talking about hue.  Mainly 3 that stand for so much in our country’s history.

But first I want to reflect how thankful I am to live in the country of the FREE – THE HOME OF THE BRAVE. I'm grateful to share my respect to all the men and women who’ve died for our country and allowed me the freedoms I have, such as writing this blog.

The National Anthem still brings tears to my eyes.

As a painter I love to let my emotion spill onto canvas. So let’s talk primary hues, the basic colors which are made from all the other colors.  Red, Blue and Yellow are the three primary colors, but since it’s Independence Day, let's talk about Red, White and Blue.


Which can be mixed with 60% cadium red light AND 40% alizarin crimson – makes a nice, bold color red.


A color that can be used as Ultramarine right from the tube.

Which is the lightest color on the value scale, its achromatic, or having no hue, and is the absence of color.

All of these coming from different make-ups but together make something so beautiful for this holiday. The image of freedom!

I could talk color all day but I just wanted to express my appreciation for these three and this day and the joy they both bring me.

Be back soon to tackle hues and color in more ways but for now Happy 4th of July!