4 Tips For Readying Your Winter Mantel For The Holidays

Decorating fireplace mantels is a favorite holiday tradition, but the end of the season doesn't mean festive decor has to go! Create displays that last through the cold months by focusing on classic winter colors, flowers and motifs.

1. You can easily transform your everyday decor into a winter wonderland using neutral elements. Warm things up by covering glass vases with remnants from old sweaters, and implement rustic decor pieces like antlers for a seasonal touch.

2. Love the idea of dressing up your mantel all winter, but can't imagine it without the usual stockings, mini trees and other festive knickknacks? Go transitional. Create a base of winter greenery and lights, then layer on the Christmas. After the holidays, switch out the Christmas music candles for plain ones and pack away the trees and stockings. Leave the flocked evergreen garland, shiny votives, crystal and silver candlesticks and even the boxwood wreath for a fantastically decorated fireplace focal point for the remainder of the cold-weather season.

3. Silver often plays second fiddle to its more audacious golden cousin when it's time to break out the holiday decor, but don't overlook this shining shade.

4. Don’t be afraid to borrow from nature! Make lush greenery on your mantel with thick pieces of faux garland layered with real evergreen branches and glitter-tipped pinecones. For an extra flair, instead of buying the antiqued mirror, make one by cutting a door mirror, distressing it and then piecing it back together inside a poster frame!